Care Management

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BlueCare Plus strives to utilize its resources in helping members achieve a better quality of life, and identifying health care needs early — before serious health conditions develop or deteriorate. BlueCare Plus has developed proven outreach strategies that emphasize the importance of health care and the necessity of preventive care.

Care Management

Benefits of Seeing Your Primary Care Provider

A Primary Care Provider (PCP) is what most people call ‘their doctor’.  PCP’s help coordinate your care all in one place and get to know you over a period of time.  This helps your PCP detect patterns in your health and recommend lifestyle changes to prevent future problems. 

Working with your PCP offers access to a wide range of health services, including preventive care; such as cancer screenings; chronic care for conditions like asthma, hypertension and diabetes; and acute care for symptoms like cough, stomach pain, or high fever.

When people have access to a regular primary care provider, they have fewer emergency room visits and admissions to the hospital.  Evidence shows that access to primary care can help us live longer and feel better.
Your PCP can help you through the healthcare system.  You can concentrate on improving your health and work with any specialists involved in your care for better health outcomes.

This page was updated on October 1, 2018